Your mobile POS

The virtual payment terminal allows to securely accept payments anywhere. It works the same way as the card terminal in the retail store. The difference is that you don't need to purchase additional devices that are required to accept card payments.

Everything works over mobile device. In order to get started you just need to create a free Payrexx account and install the app on an Android device. Afterwards you can start accepting payments quickly, simply and securely.

Sell quickly and easily

Accept payments by mobile phone with a simple app.

More payment providers

Combine many payment providers and payment methods.

Online payment confirmation

Immediate payment confirmation by email to you and your customers.

Grow your revenue

Extend your customer base and grow your revenue.

Save money

Thanks to a free app, you don't need to purchase any additional devices.

Integrated card reader

NFC feature allows to scan card details remotely.


Payrexx POS app makes payments easier and better for everyone.


Setup in a few minutes

The mobile POS is ready for use in a few minutes.

Point of sale payments

Doesn't matter where you or your customers are - payments can be accepted and processed anytime and anywhere.

Customer database

Have a clear overview of your customers and transactions.


The credit card terminal is available in different languages.

Custom design

Adjust the POS design according to your preferences.

Available as a White Label

Launch our app under your own name and design. Find out more under partners.

Accept payments with Payrexx POS app by following 3 easy steps


Signup for Payrexx

If you still do not have a Payrexx account, you can sign up at


Install the app

Download and install the app by clicking on the following link:


Login and start

Login with your Payrexx account details. You can then use the virtual POS.