How to Make Your Project a Success

Create your donation form in a modern design and start collecting funds today without much effort and costs.

Design Your Donation Form According to Your Individual Wishes

Add the appropriate donation purpose and determine the donation amounts - or let your customers define a free amount. You can design the site according to your wishes in your individual Look&Feel.


Receive One-Time and Recurring Donations

With Payrexx Donation you can receive one-time donations as well as monthly, quarterly and annually recurring payments. For subscription payments it is important that you choose a payment provider that supports recurring payments.


Show in Real Time the Amount of Donations Received

The donation barometer shows your customers directly on the page the amount of donations already collected.


More Advantages

With Payrexx Donation you can immediately start collecting donations for your projects.


Integrate Payrexx Donation Into Your Website

You would like to integrate the donation form into your website? Whether as pop up or directly - the integration is done in a short time.




Ideal for International Campaigns

The donation form can be made available in several languages and with numerous currencies.



These Donation Organisations Trust in Payrexx

Numerous non-profit organisations already use Payrexx Donation: Lepra Mission, Petite Suisse and a lot more.